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Travel shows

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Imagination Theatre has developed adapted shows that are able to travel to you for a very reasonable cost. 
These shows include the same stories, excellent music and large puppets as our in-theatre shows, and use black lights for a magical glow! 
We have adapted some set pieces to enable us to travel more efficiently, while still performing unique and captivating shows for our audience.

Travel Shows are $500
This cost covers transportation, set up, and puppeteer costs.

*Please contact Mary at (952)937-2385 for more information*
The following shows are available as Travel Shows:

Eat a Rainbow

Rainbows are magnificent-Especially when they’re on your plate!  Dance, music and nutrients abound in this colorful tale.  Arielle doesn’t think that eating fruits and vegetables is at all important…until she dances the Watermelon Waltz, Spinach Salsa, and Rutabaga Rumba with a variety of surprising partners!  Come learn about how eating healthy, whole foods can be fun when you eat a rainbow! 

Long Wolf Comes Home

This fantastic tale is based upon the life of Lakota Chief Long Wolf.  Our story begins with Long Wolf as a young boy, depicting his journey through a vision quest and into adulthood.  His animal friends help him through his travels and bring him home safely, but not unchanged.  This dramatic tale includes authentic drumming, Lakota language, and lively music by Lakota actors.  It is about the universal quest to find purpose and meaning in a manner that captivates a young audience.  

Our special thanks to Chief Long Wolf’s great-grandson, Jack Garcia for his assistance in bringing this story to fruition and to the American Indian actors giving voice to the characters in this show.
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Hedgehog & the Magic Butterfly

Come see Hedgehog, who gets into nothing but trouble!  This play features fanciful flying birds that dance in the air, an octopus general and his cavalry of seahorses, a little girl named Woobitu, and the magnificent Magic Butterfly.  The Magic Butterfly teaches Hedgehog an important lesson that helps him learn to make friends and treat them well.

Elvira's Violin

Two mermaid sisters who love to sing meet six colorful fish who illustrate musical concepts: Piano, Legato, Staccato, Forte, Presto and Adagio.  When one of the mermaids, Elvira, is injured and cannot sing, her dolphin friend gives her the gift of a violin.  She develops her instrumental talent, allowing her to make music once again!
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Fairy Tales

A little boy loses his puppy and struggles with a variety of emotions while attempting to find his missing friend.  Meanwhile, Lovey fairy has lost her fairy ring and cannot sing without it!  Her fairy friends join together to aid in both searches, while helping the little boy to identify his emotions of sadness, fear, anger, jealousy, and happiness.  Fairy Tales is a magical story that helps children with the important concept of identifying and understanding feelings and emotions.

Blast Off!

Journey into outer space in this exciting tale that takes you on an adventure past our galaxy to a planet far away from Earth.  Two children playing in a rocket ship accidentally launch it, taking them deep into space.  They meet a singing star who guides them to the safety of a colorful and special planet, where things are not always what they seem.  The children meet new friends that include two dancing rainbow flamingos, twins named Doodle and Noodle and a robot named Dog.  



 A humorous tale of courage and resolving conflicts with friends. A meat-eating dragon is alarming his neighbors with rhymes of, “Munch, munch, crunch.  I think it’s time for lunch!”.  The frightened friends journey to meet with an eccentric genie to help with their predicament.  A frog and bat struggle to overcome their fear but still enter the sleeping dragon’s cave to sprinkle some magic that changes him into a vegetarian! 


URA Star!

A heroic octopus comes to the rescue of stranded starfish washed ashore after a great storm.  In the process, Octopus also helps Crabby Crab to discover the star within.  Two Seagulls, a jellyfish, and a spirited singing mermaid join them in this tale that demonstrates the importance of developing self-esteem.  Join us and learn that you are a star too! 

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Never Tease a Unicorn
Sarah Teasedale teases everyone she meets until she meets a unicorn.  She quickly learns why you should never tease a unicorn!  A quirky dragon, confidence bird, frog, and a bright butterfly join together in teaching Sarah not to tease her friends.

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