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about Imagination theatre

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For more than twenty years, Imagination Theatre has offered accessible and engaging theater arts experiences for young children.  From humble beginnings we have grown and developed, building and preserving an arts legacy for children.  We have had the privilege of being the first theater experience for thousands of children throughout the Twin Cities.  Our goal is to cultivate a space where the emphasis is placed upon drawing out children's natural connection to creativity, their ideas are valued and early literacy skills are practiced in a fun and meaningful manner.



Imagination Theatre performances are visually captivating.  Our theater uses a black lighting system that allows the puppeteers dressed all in black to "disappear".  The puppets and scenery painted with special florescent colors illuminate the stage.

The stories, life-size scale puppets, lively music and set designs are original and charming.  They illustrate important messages to young audiences while igniting their imaginations.  Value is placed upon diversity, environmental stewardship, kindness, community and creativity.

 Performances run approximately 20 to 30 minutes in length.

We hope you will join us for an exciting journey into Imagination Theatre!

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