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black light theatre

john & longwolf.jpg

Imagination Theatre performances take place in the dark using specially designed fluorescent lights called black lights.  These lights have a special filter material that blocks most visible light while allowing ultraviolet light through. 


This ultraviolet light allows the special fluorescent paints we use to make our puppets and set designs observable for the audience.  It helps our puppeteers to “disappear” when clothed in black, and the focus to be fully on the puppets. 


The photographs above illustrate the difference between the fluorescent colors in normal incandescent light versus the black light.

Black lights are very valuable for artistic lighting effects in our theater, but they also have many other uses! 

Black lights are used to authenticate oil paintings, antiques, and even money. 


Doctors use black lights to diagnose and treat medical conditions, and scientists often use black lights to visualize interesting substances and attract insects for study.

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